Black Mulberry Fruit Leather Lavashak 800 Gram


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This Black Mulberry Fruit leather has its own fans. A unique taste & completely homemade that is prepared in a traditional way. Iranian Fruit Leathers with their color and glaze are very enchanting and will fascinate you. Discover a world of new flavors and tastes.

  • Approximate weight: 800 Gram
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Type: Fruit Leather
  • Source: Black Mulberry
  • Persian Title: لواشک شاه توت
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Black Mulberry Fruit Leather

Black Mulberry Lavashak is one of the most delicious Fruit Rolls whose sour taste is really attractive. Lavashak is undoubtedly one of the most famous Iranian snacks that is made from fruit concentrate. A snack with a sour and lovely taste that is also good for the body. Lavashak is made in different flavors and shapes. Depending on the fruit from which the Lavashak is made, the taste of this snack will be different. Pomegranate and cherry Lavashak are the most famous. This delicious snack is also useful in weight loss due to its high fiber content. Our “Black Mulberry Fruit Leather” is made of top quality & organic Black Mulberry fruits and has a special taste. Completely Homemade that is produced by rural women in northern Iran. This snack is not factory made and is prepared in a completely traditional way. ShopiPersia, as the largest Iranian website, has collected different types of Lavashka with different flavors. We ship worldwide.

Approximate weight800 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
BrandUnbrand - Handmade
Persian Titleلواشک شاه توت
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