Aidin Cocoa Toffee Package 500 gr


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Aidin Cocoa Toffees are one of the oldest and most nostalgic Iranian toffees. This toffee is produced with the same old and unique taste. This toffee is made of a delicious pectin core and a delicate coating of dark chocolate. It has a unique and delicious taste.

  • Approximate Weight: 500 Gram
  • Product Type: Toffee
  • Taste: Cocoa
  • Brand: Aidin
  • Persian tile: تافی کاکائویی آیدین – 500 گرم

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Aidin Cocoa Toffee Package 500 gr

The world of snacks, nostalgic or unknown Snacks has always been attractive. A world that introduces us to new flavors and takes us back to our childhood like nostalgic snacks. In Iran, like in other countries, there are famous brands that are very popular. Brands whose diverse and delicious products have spread beyond the borders of Iran and are now known all over the world. Some of these brands have been with Iranians for many years and have created delicious memories. All kinds of puffs, biscuits, and chocolates are made with an Iranian taste and are unique. If you are interested in new or nostalgic food, dessert, and drinks, be sure to check our collection. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of the most delicious Snacks. A collection of the best Iranian brands with the same taste as always. This “Aidin Cocoa Toffee Package 500 gr” is one of them. We ship worldwide.

Approximate weight500 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Persian Titleتافی کاکائویی آیدین - 500 گرم
Product TypeToffee
Educational LevelIneligible for return
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