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Achaemenid Horned Lion Head Column


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Horned Lion is one of the favorite motifs of the people of ancient Iran. The image of a legendary winged lion with two horns is so important that this absolute work dates back to the 5th century AH. Which is carved in the form of embossed carvings on glazed bricks and has been discovered from the ancient site of Susa.

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Horned Lion – Griffin

The Horned Lion or griffin is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle (slab) and the ear of a horse. Lion-shaped statues have many uses in architecture. Shirdal or Griffin is one of the important ideas of ancient Eastern thought and art. It seems that the earliest examples of this idea were made by the Egyptians and then the peoples of Mesopotamia, Ilam and western Iran painted it on their artistic instruments. The eagle and the lion each had magical powers and ruled their own territory. When combined, they became an invincible sanctuary for shrines with different names and characteristics in each of the ancient cultures.

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