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Abu al-Fadhl Al-Abbas Islamic Muslim Flag


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This beautiful flag with the holy name of Abu al-Fadhl Al-Abbas printed on it, in addition to beautifying the house, can keep the memory of the Qasim ibn al-Abbas alive in our minds.

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Abu al-Fadhl Al-Abbas

Also known as Abu al-Fadhl and Qamar Bani Hashim (‘Moon of Banu Hashim’), was a son of Ali ( the fourth Rashidun caliph) and Fatima bint Hizam, commonly known as Umm al-Banin.Abbas is highly revered in Islam for his loyalty to his brother Husayn ibn Ali and his role in the Battle of Karbala in which he was the standard-bearer for the Ahl al-Bayt. Abbas is buried in the Al Abbas Mosque in Karbala, Iraq, where he was killed during the Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura. He was praised for his “handsome looks” and was also well known in the Arab community for his courage, bravery, strength and ferocity as a warrior. Ibn Manzur narrates in his al-Ayn that Al-Abbas was the “lion that other lions feared” as a testament to his accolades as a warrior. Sheikh at-Turaihi describes Abbas’s appearance as resembling an unshakable mountain, with his heart firmly rooted, due to his qualities as a “unique horseman” and a “fearless hero”.

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