925k Silver Ahura Mazda Wall Hanging Symbol


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Decorate the wall of your house with Iranian Symbols such as this unique 925K Silver Ahura Mazda Wall Hanging Symbol and give a unique beauty to your house and dazzle the eyes of every viewer with the beauty of your house decoration.

Ahura Mazda

Ahuramazda is the name of the creator of the virtues and the father and lord of the whole universe in Mazdisna. She is the deity and goddess of creation in this religion. Ahuramazda is the creator of the world. The mercenaries worship Ahuramazda. Ahuramazda is the creator and judge of all material and spiritual things, as well as the creator of light and darkness and the founder of the order of existence (ashe). He created everything by thinking, so in fact he creates from nothing and is alone with himself.

Dimensions30x30x2.8 cm
Approximate weight850 Gram
Place of productionIran
Material925k Silver
Handling time10 Days
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