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8lb Persian Wooden Mil Clubs (Meel Cubes)


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Persian Meel Cubes “Mil Clubs” made from one solid chunk of walnut hardwood. c. 3.4 kg each club – lovingly hand-turned with matt varnish finish to both protect the wood and enhance appearance. Due to the nature of wood, there maybe a natural variation of weight and colour. We make our clubs in batches and match pairs according to proximity of weight first and aesthetics second. Variations above/below the target weight will happen though we aim for as close as possible.

  • 3400 Gram each
  • Dimensions: 68×13 cm
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Persian Meel Cubes

Meel Cubes are one of the sports tools in Zurkhanehs. Zurkhaneh sports are another name of ancient Iranian sports. Athletes in Zurkhaneh each take a pair of Meel cubes. Persian Meel Cubes are made of wood and are offered in different weights. Sports and performing heroic movements have been among the main daily activities of Iranians in ancient times. The society at that time attached special value to athletes who were grateful for their physical strength and spiritual courage. The Persian athlete lifts two Wooden Mil Clubs weighing one to two kilograms and throws them into the air with dramatic movements and grabs them again. Buy Persian Mil Clubs directly from Iran, the origin country of this sport.
Dimensions68x13 cm
Approximate weight3400 Gram each
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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