Mozaffari Gaz

Mozaffari Gaz is a confectionery that is ninety years old in Iran and is world famous. It is located in the city of Isfahan and the most famous product of this confectionery is Gaz. Gaz is one of the most famous Persian sweets, also known as Persian Nougat. This traditional Candy is chewy, sweet, and floral. It is Popular all over Iran among the young and old. This Persian Nougat, Blended with Persian Nuts such as Pistachio and the scent of rose water. If you are interested in Persian Gaz Dessert, be sure to try the “Mozaffari Gaz” brand. In ShopiPersia we have a collection of all the Products of Mozaffari Gaz. Check out them and experience a delicious purchase. Complete the pleasure of drinking tea or an evening meal with an Iranian dessert. We Ship Worldwide.

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