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Persian Kamancheh also known as Kamanche or Kamancha is a highly esteemed instrument of Persian music. It captures the listeners with its moving sound. Persian Kamancheh is used for light music (motrebi) and it is the only bowed string instrument in the classical tradition of Iran. It produces a soft, beautiful timbre and due to their technical possibilities, they can be used as a solo and also an ensemble instrument. Kamancheh is a spike fiddle with a solid bowl made of walnut or maple. There are four strings on it, namely E, A, D and G. These valuable instruments can be hard to reach sometimes, but we provide you in our catalogue with Kamanchehs that are hand-made, constructed by makers who have mastered their craft.

The first historical signs about Kamancheh were seen in the book Al-Kabir Music by Abu Nasr al-Farabi in the fourth century AH. In this book, he mentions Kamancheh with its Arabic name, Rabab. The Kamancheh was one of the main instruments of Iranian music during the Safavid and Qajar eras. The first recorded sound of Kamancheh dates back to the early twentieth century.

Today’s Kamancheh has four strings. In ancient times, the Kamancheh had only three strings, but after the arrival of the Violin to Iran, a fourth string was added to imitate it. These strings are parallel to the length of the instrument and its sound is very pleasant but a bit so-called plump. This instrument can play many different sounds.

Also, In the past, this instrument was without the Tailpiece that it is today. In the past, strings were attached directly to the instrument, such as Setar or connected by a metal piece but after the arrival of the Violin in Iran, a violin tandoor (small tuning screws) was added to the string so that the musician could tune the instrument more accurately.

The Kamancheh instrument was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 2017 by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

Kamancheh has many fans all over the world, But for many of them, it is very difficult to find a suitable Kamancheh or a store that sells Kamancheh and its accessories. So this question arises in the minds of many: what are the Tips For Buying A Good Kamancheh Instrument & Where to Buy Persian Kamancheh ????

Tips For Buying A Good Kamancheh Instrument

The sound is made and amplified in the bowl of Kamancheh and as you know, Kamancheh are divided into two categories: Open and close back (Bowl). To make the instrument  has a audibly and loud sound, they are usually made of mulberry wood in one piece.

  1. Open back Kamancheh: They are usually made of mulberry wood in one piece.
  2. Close back Kamancheh: They are in two forms, one piece and twig (Tarkehi). In Tarkehi Kamancheh, the bowl is made by sticking the twigs bent over the mold. The thickness of these bowls is less and therefore the bowl is light so the Kamancheh rotates easily. One-piece bowls are made with different woods such as walnuts. The weight of the bowl is more than the Tarkehi bowls and the rotation of the Kamancheh is somewhat difficult. The sound of this type of Kamancheh is not very desirable.

Material and quality of Kamancheh skin: 

  1. The skin should be the skin of lamb or sheep intestine because the pressure of the skin maker is on the skin.
  2. To produce a good and natural sound should be used one-piece skins.
  3. The skin should be old and free of any odor or fat. In humid regions of Iran, fish skin is also used.

Where to Buying A Good Kamancheh

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