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  • Mashadi Ginger Flavored Candy 800 Gram

    Mashadi Ginger Flavored Candy 800 Gram

    This Mashadi Ginger Flavored Candy with a unique taste that is suitable for substituting sugar and ordinary candies with high sugar. This candy is one of the famous Iranian souvenirs and candies. The taste that fascinates you. A wonderful candy for Serving Tea & Coffee.

    • Approximate weight: 800 Gram
    • Place of production: Mashad
    • Form: Candy
    • Flavor: Ginger
    • Persian Title: آبنبات زنجبیلی مشهدی
  • Newsha Iranian Black Tea with Ginger

    Newsha Mixed Black Tea With Ginger

    This Pack of Black Tea with Ginger Tea Bags is an excellent choice for quick brewing of black tea with saffron flavor. Try the taste of Iranian tea with Saffron. A delicious evening with Persian tea. On a cold day, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of soothing tea with a unique taste.

    • Flavour: Ginger
    • Form: Tea Bags
    • Origin: Iran
    • Type: Black Tea
    • Persian Title: مخلوط چای سیاه و زنجبیل
  • Persian Ginger Pashmak Cotton Candy Fairy Floss

    Persian Ginger Flavor Pashmak Cotton Candy

    This Bag of Ginger flavored Pashmak Cotton Candy is one of the most delicious and popular sweets. Complete the sweet moments by Iranian cotton candy floss. A delicious dessert with a unique taste. Try it with tea or coffee, it’s amazing.

    • 1000 Gram
    • Pack(s): 1 Bag
    • Form: Candy
    • Flavor: Ginger
    • Persian Title: پشمک لقمه ای دوستی
  • Shekar Panir with Ginger - Tea Candy (2x)

    Ginger Flavored Shekar Panir Tea Candy (2x)

    This Bag of Persian Shekar Panir Tea Candy flavored with Ginger. A delicious Soft Candy with a great and unique taste & aroma that will surprise you. A great surprise if you serve it in your coffee shop or restaurant. Try it with tea or coffee, it’s amazing.

    • Approximate weight: 400×2 Gram
    • Pack(s): 2 Bags
    • Form: Soft Candy
    • Flavor: Ginger
    • Persian Title: شکر پنیر با طعم زنجبیل

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