Wall Hanging Rugs

Wall Rugs are a kind of Rug that hangs on walls as decoration. The designs of these artistic Rugs are completely different from common floor rugs. Silk is the main material of fine quality Persian Wall Rugs, but wool is also used. These artistic rugs are usually hung in a frame, but many tend to hang them without a frame. Using a handmade wall Hanging Rug can give a special beauty to your home decor. In between, Hand Knotted Persian Wall Hanging Carpets are very famous in the world and are considered a work of art. In ShopiPersia we have the finest collections of New & Antique Hand Knotted Oriental – Persian Wall Hanging Carpets. Our Persian Wall Hanging Tableau Rugs are unique. Order an Oriental Persian Wall Hanging rug directly from Iran with confidence. Use Persian Wall Hanging Carpet in designing your home decor. We Ship Worldwide.

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