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Give a magnificent effect to the walls. A new style with designs inspired by Iranian art. Certainly, our Wall Hangings are one of the most beautiful decorative that have a worldwide reputation. Wall hangings that match any style and are unique in their kind. They are made beautifully and in a special style to be stylish. Suitable for any decorations, modern or classic.

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Persian Wall Decors

Wall decoration means drawing inspiration from different branches of art to make the wall surface beautiful and attractive in the interior design of the building. Walls make up a large part of the interior space and paying attention to their decoration plays an important role in beauty. Paying attention to this has led to the design of various elements for wall decoration. Ornamental panels, stones and plates, using traditional and wooden designs are examples of wall decorations. Each of these elements has its own style and is divided into different art branches. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of the most beautiful wall decoration elements. Elements that have been integrated with Iranian art to display a special style. Fans of Persian Style can check our Wall Decors collection and experience a pleasant shopping. Our Iranian decorations are suitable for any modern or classic decoration style. We ship worldwide.

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