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Check out and buy the highest quality and most beautiful wall clocks with Iranian designs. Inspired by original Iranian art, Iranian artists have created beautiful Clocks that will decorate your home or office. Clocks made of wood, metal or a combination of them and decorated with the arts of Minakari, Khatamkari or mosaic. Completely handmade, made by Isfahani artists and placed for sale in ShopiPersia. Design your everyday with Persian Wall clocks you will love. Add a unique timepiece to your home featuring art. We have collected different designs to suit your taste and decoration. Show your love for art with our Persian Clocks, because they represent the original Iranian-Eastern art. Our traditional Wall Clocks are completely handmade and each one is like a valuable work of art. Our handmade traditional clocks do not just show the time, they really help to complete a room with prosperity. We Ship Worldwide.

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