Prayer Mats

Prayer Rugs & Mats are a kind of underlay that Muslims put on the ground to worship on it. The difference between Rugs & Mats is in their texture. Prayer Rugs usually have a thicker texture and are a rug that is woven in small dimensions. The mats mostly are usually thin and light in weight and easy to carry. Also, mats are generally cheaper than rugs. Islamic Prayer Mats are unique and generally have a Mihrab design. Among the different types of Mats, Persian models are world-famous. The Persian Style Mats are produced in two models, Termeh & Velvet. Termeh mats, which are made of silk, have a special beauty and similar to them can hardly be found. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Prayer Rugs & Mats. You will find any model you want in our collection. Mats whose stunning beauty will add glory to your worship. We Ship Worldwide.

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