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Playing Card Boxes

If you are looking for a beautiful box for your cards, you will find this box in our collection. Beautiful Persian Playing Card Boxes made in Iran with wood and the art of Khatamkari or metal, are truly unique. The luxury wooden Playing boxes are all handmade and made with the best materials by spending hours of time. You will surely fall in love with these Persian handmade wooden boxes and you will enjoy placing playing cards in them. Wooden Khatamkari Playing Card Boxes are the masterpiece of Iranian Arts. Putting Playing cards in a Khatamkari wooden Playing card box can give your game table a special and unique beauty. A beautiful wooden card box is all that your gaming table lacks. ShopiPersia has made it possible for you to check the types of handmade Persian Playing card boxes. Surprise your teammate or players with a unique Metal & Wooden Playing Card Box. We ship worldwide.

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