Pen & Pencil Holders

Pencils and Pen holders are essential accessories of every desk and office. The arrangement of desk accessories is very important and their orderliness and beauty is effective in creating a relaxing atmosphere. To have a stylish desk, holders are essential accessories. By Placing our Persian Style Pen & Pencil Holders on your desk, you can give your table a stylish and original look. Our Persian Style Pen & Pencil Holders, with their beautiful and attractive designs, can also be used as a decoration. Khatamkari and Minakari holders will definitely find their place on your desk. Elegantly crafted to be luxurious. Holders that carry Iran’s artistic authenticity with them and show your attention and artistic taste. In ShopiPersia, We have collected the most beautiful table accessories. Accessories that you can use to give your work table a stylish look. We Ship Worldwide.

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