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If you have a business, the beauty and luxury of your desk and office will definitely play an important role in showing your personality and attracting clients. At ShopiPersia, we provide luxury and handmade desk sets with the highest quality. We ship worldwide, but shipping to Europe, the UK and many other countries is free.

  • Persian Calendar Planner Notebook Model Calligraphy

    Persian Calendar Planner Notebook Model Calligraphy

    This Persian Calendar Planner Notebook increases the efficiency of the tasks you do during the day. By using a planner you will reduce stress and learn time management in a great way. Your motivation will increase as your lifestyle becomes more purposeful and you will get more done in less time. The design of this calendar is based on the solar months.

    • Year: 1402
    • Calendar Type: Solar Calendar
    • Material: leather, Cardboard & Paper
    • Suitable: Time Management and Planning
    • Place of production: Iran
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