Tombak or Tonbak is one of Iran’s percussion instruments, which has a Goblet-shaped structure. This instrument, which is one of the oldest types of Iranian instruments, is played in solos and harmonies and is one of the most important drums in Iran. In the past, the body of Tonbak was made of wood, pottery, and sometimes metal, but today only wood is used. Tonbak has made significant progress in recent decades and has even emerged as an independent instrument for solo. Persian Tombak, which is also known as Zarb Drum, plays an important role in concerts. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of the best Iranian Tombaks. An attractive and unique collection for fans of Iranian musical instruments. All tombaks we sell are hand-made and constructed by well-known makers. Check our collection carefully and buy a Persian Tombak Zarb Drum directly from Iran. We ship worldwide.

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