Kamancheh “Kamanche or Kamancha” is one of the instruments of Iranian music. Persian Kamancheh Instrument produces a soft & beautiful timbre that has a pleasant melody that musicians create with their skill. This Instrument used for light music such as violin played with bow. Kayhan Kalhor is one of the greatest fiddle players. The Bowl of Persian Kamancheh Instrument made with different designs and shapes that have a great impact on sound quality. This instrument is created from the evolution of Rubab instrument, which has a round bowl. In the Past this Instrument had 3 strings but today it has 4 strings. kamancha or Kamanche used as a solo as well as a group instrument. We have collected different types of this instrument in ShopiPersia. We have both Open Bowl & Close Bowl Kamancheh. Check our product catalog and choose the best one. Exprience the joy of Online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

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