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Pars Khazar Rice Cooker | ShopiPersia
Pars Khazar Rice Cooker
Kebab Makers | ShopiPersia
Kebab Makers
Pressure Cooker | ShopiPersia
Pressure Cookers

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Get to know the world of art and beauty in the collection of Copper Cups

Enjoy tea in an Iranian tea set

Iranian tea has a special and wonderful taste. The taste of this tea should be experienced in an Iranian tea set. Iranian tea sets create a wonderful experience with their attractive and traditional design. Services that sometimes have the emblem of Shah Abbas.

Copper Tray | ShopiPersia
Copper Trays
Copper Fruit Bowls | ShopiPersia
Copper Fruit Bowls
Copper Bowls | ShopiPersia
Copper Bowls

Our Best-Selling Products - Samovar & Tea Boxes

A Party with Samovar Set & Tea Boxes

Persian Kitchenware

Decorate your kitchen with quality and beautiful Iranian Kitchenware Products. Iranian kitchen tools and equipment bring innovation and quality to your kitchen. Products that are beautifully decorated with original Iranian art. Our handmade products are all designed and made by Iranian artists. We have collected the most beautiful Kitchenware Products for sale. Products that dazzle the eye and similar examples are hard to find. Experience the pleasure of cooking with copper or ceramic products. Our kitchenware extends to frying pans and roasting tins, both of which are versatile cookware products that help with breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. You’ll find Persian Kitchenware tools such as Cast iron pans that you will not easily find in any store. Frying pans that allow you to cook in an ancient style by creating a gentle heat. In ShopiPersia, we have collected all kinds of Persian Kitchenware Products. We Ship Worldwide.

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