Persian Zilou “Ziloo” is one of the oldest types of hand woven Floor Covering in Iran and woven in Meybod. Zilou is woven by cotton and is very similar to kilim. Unlike other Iranian handmade carpets, which are woven by wool, Iranian Zilou is completely plant-based. Ziloo does not have lint, so it does not produce aerosols. Physicians insist on using it for the child, elders, and the ones with respiratory disease. As its yarns are made of herbs, cellulose materials are completely natural and it doesn’t cause skin allergy. Persian Zilou is one of the first human hand-woven and, like Iranian carpets, has a special artistic status. Due to the special texture of this carpet, it can also be used to cover walls. In ShopiPersia, you can check the types of Iranian handmade Ziloo and experience a reliable purchase with the assurance of their authenticity. We ship worldwide.

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