Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits & Snacks are one of the richest sources of nutrition. Vitamins and minerals in Dried Fruits are essential for the body and their daily use is recommended. Persian Dried Fruits are very famous in the world and some of them are also used in food. Iran is famous in the world for having various dried fruits. Persian Dried fruits have a strong quality and taste that fascinates everyone. High freshness and variety have made Iranian dried fruits have many fans. Having sweet and sour tastes has made teenagers interested in Iranian Snacks. ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells Iranian dried fruits & Snacks. Our Persian snacks are of high quality and durability. Buy one of the most famous Persian snacks, Lavashka, with a wonderful taste from us. Experience the joy of easy online shopping with us. Sweet and enjoyable purchase. We Ship Worldwide.

  • Saharkhiz Dried Persian Barberry (Zereshk)

    Saharkhiz Dried Barberry “Zereshk” 600 Gram

    These Dried Persian Barberry are one of the most unique Iranian condiments. This condiment can give a delicious taste to your food or be added as an additive to your juices and teas. The Semi-Sour taste of Barberry has made them one of the most popular condiment.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Taste: Sour
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
    • Persian Title: زرشک

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