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Dried Vegetables

Dried Herbs & Vegetables have long been used by people around the world. Skilled chefs use aromatic plants to create unique flavors and tastes. The secret of every chef’s success is in the correct use of dried plants in cooking. Iranian use many aromatic Herbals & Vegetables in their food preparation. Sometimes you can add a fragrant Herb to your tea and make a wonderful drink. ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells dried Persian Herbs & Vegetables. Browse our wide stock of Culinary & Botanical Ingredients, New Spices Blends, Herbs, Herbal Teas, Natural Skin Care. You will find everything you need in our store. Rest assured you will experience a wonderful taste. The climate of Iran makes the plants have a stronger aroma and taste. Our herbs are perfect for brewing tea, making herbal tinctures, salves, or infusing for homemade cleaning and personal products. Browse and purchase from our selection of quality Herbs.

  • Persian Flixweed Seeds 750 Gram

    Persian Flixweed Seeds “Khakshir” 750 Gram


    Flixweed Seeds cleanse the liver and treat fatty liver and is a natural diuretic. In Iran, it is used to make syrup. A delicious syrup with a combination of water, rose, sugar and sometimes mint sweat. In traditional medicine, it is recommended to drink Khakshir syrup to treat constipation. Khakshir syrup is one of the traditional and delicious Iranian syrups.

    • Approximate weight: 750 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
    • Persian Title: خاکشیر
  • Raw Organic Black Fennel Seeds, 500 Gram

    Raw Organic Black Fennel Seeds 500 Gram

    These Raw Fennel Seeds are completely Organic and Sun-dried. They add a unique flavor and aroma to your cooking. Fennel Seed have a subtle sweet flavour, great used in curries and stews and for baking breads, cakes and biscuits. The combination of Black Fennel Seeds and honey is one of the ancient medicines in traditional Iranian medicine. This compound helps strengthen the immune system and is useful in treating colds and flu. Using this combination as a natural face mask and treating pimples is also useful.

    • Approximate weight: 500 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Plant Base Variety: Fennel Seeds
    • Persian Title: سیاه دانه
  • Ghormeh Sabzi Dried Herbs 720 Gram

    This Bag of Ghormeh Sabzi Dried Herbs, add a unique flavor to your cooking. For Cooking Ghormeh Sabzi, you will definitely need special aromatic vegetables. This bag of dried aromatic herbs are for cooking Ghormeh Sabzi that are produced and dried with the highest quality. Make a delicious meal and enjoy the aroma and flavor.

    • Approximate weight: 720 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Form: Crushed
    • Drying Method: Dehydrated
    • Persian Title: سبزی خشک قرمه سبزی
  • Green Cumin Seeds, 900 Gram

    Green Cumin Seeds “Zireh Sabz” 800 Gram

    This Bag of Whole Iranian Green Cumin Seeds add a unique flavor to your cooking. It has a strong, distinctive smell and flavor. Add Cumin Seeds to your cooking recipes or add some to your tea and let it brew. Cumin tea is an excellent source of iron and dietary fiber.

    • Approximate weight: 800 Gram
    • Drying Method: Dehydrated
    • Plant Base Variety: Cumin
    • Place of production: Kerman, Iran
    • Persian Title: زیره سبز
  • Date Palm Pollen Men's and Women's Fertility

    Date Palm Pollen Men’s and Women’s Fertility

    If you are looking for a body booster, Date Pollen can be a good choice. Palm pollen or date pollen is a valuable product that has been used by the Arabs since ancient times to treat diseases, especially for fertility problems. You can get this valuable product from ShopiPersia.

    • Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: گرده خرما
  • Dried Esphand Esfand Espand Seeds 500 Gram

    Eating Syrian Rue Seeds can help lower blood sugar and lipid levels in diabetics.The Seeds are useful for epilepsy, paralysis, insanity, forgetfulness and other neurological diseases. Burning seeds also helps a lot to disinfect the environment. The seeds are thoroughly washed and there is no dust on them.

    • Approximate weight: 500 gram
    • Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: اسپند دانه
  • Dried Angelica Seeds “Persian Hogweed” 900 Gram

    Angelica or Golpar “Persian Hogweed” is one of the native aromatic plants of Iran, which in addition to medicinal use is also widely used in cooking. Angelica in traditional medicine has several properties, including: relieving digestive problems, strengthening the body, anti-flatulence, strengthening memory, relieving nervous disorders and etc.

    • 900 Gram
    • Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: گلپر
  • Dried Rhubarb Flowers, 750 Gram

    Dried Rhubarb Flowers 750 Gram

    Rhubarb is one of the original and ancient Iranian plants. Buy Dried Rhubarb Flowers online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Herbal Store. Premium quality & Organic.

    • Type: Dried Flowers
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: گل ریواس خشک
  • Dried Safflower Petals, 200 Gram

    Dried Safflower Petals 200 Gram

    Safflower Petals, which is also known as artificial saffron, in addition to coloring food, also has medicinal uses. The use of Herbal tea of this plant is effective in reducing the risk of cancer and eliminating free radicals because this plant is rich in vitamin E, which has many antioxidant properties.

    • 200 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: گلرنگ خشک شده
  • Dried Lavender Flowers, 800 Gram (Organic)

    Dried Lavender Flowers 800 Gram (Organic)

    Buy Dried Lavender Online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Herbal Store. Pour a tablespoon of the dried leaves and flowers of the plant along with two spoons of honey and two glasses of boiling water into a teapot and place it on a kettle or samovar to brew; After 15 minutes, the lavender tea is ready and you will enjoy its pleasant smell.

  • Dried Amla (Indian Gooseberries, 600 Gram)

    Dried Amla “Indian Gooseberries” 600 Gram

    Buy Dried Indian Gooseberries Online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Grocery Store.

    • 600 Gram
  • Coltsfoot Dried Herb “Tussilago farfara” 600 Gram

    Pour 15 to 20 grams of dried Coltsfoot leaf powder in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes and then strain it. Use this brew hot several times a day to treat persistent cough or lung disease. Brew 20 to 25 grams of dried leaves in a liter of boiling water for ten minutes and then carefully strain. To facilitate the excretion of sputum, heat three cups of decoction a day and drink it.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Organic: Yes, 100%
    • Persian Title: گیاه پای خر خشک
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