Darbuka Goblet Drum is a genuine Middle Eastern instrument that today is an integral part of southern Iranian, Arabic and Turkish music. This instrument has a pear-shaped body, which is actually a one-way sound skin instrument. Multiple screws are situated on the head, around the skin for tuning. It is generally played with finger snaps or by tapping with fingertips. We have collected the highest quality Darbuka Goblet Drum instrument in ShopiPersia. In Iran, this instrument is referred to as the “Arabic tempo” instrument. Although its appearance is very similar to tombak, but the way it plays and the sound is completely different. In the Bandar Abbas and islands of Hormozgan Province, Darbuka is accompanied by Oud, Vocals and other percussion instruments. Darbuka instrument is played while seated or with straps standing up. Check this instrument in ShopiPersia and buy it with confidence. We ship worldwide.

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