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For Iranians, no festivities and feasts can be held without pistachio as well as other nuts like walnutsalmonds, raisinshazelnuts. Among Iranians, pistachios and almonds are the more popular nuts and also more expensive to purchase. During the Iranian New Year holidays, domestic nut and fruit consumption increases, as nuts and fruits are typical treats offered to guests in Iranian homes. For Iranians, no festivities and feasts can be held without pistachio as well as other nuts like walnuts, almonds, raisins, hazelnuts. Among Iranians, pistachios and almonds are the more popular nuts and also more expensive to purchase. The price range changes a lot depending on the quality and the type of nuts. Some of them are seasonal, so if you purchase them out of season, they are more expensive. Due to its favorable weather, Iran tops the world in the production of pistachios and produces the finest varieties in the world.

The nuts industry in Iran is an ancient one, dating back thousands of years and making up a strong component of Iranian agricultural life. Iran ranks 1st in fruit production in the Middle East and North Africa. Among its products, there are pistachios, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pomegranates, melons, citrus fruits, dates, cherries, peaches, and oranges.

In ancient and indigenous Iranian culture, dedicated a special combination of Nuts that called Yalda night nuts or Chaharshanbe Suri’s nuts for the most special national occasions, or vowing problem-solving nuts to solve problems is one of the most obvious examples of high consumption of nuts and dried fruits in Iran. Between Nuts, Pistachios are a common ingredient in many traditional Iranian as well as middle eastern dishes and desserts; they are almost synonymous with Persian cuisine. If Iranians cook special dishes, they decorate them with pistachios, and even treats and desserts such as Gaz and ice cream contain pistachios. Iranian pistachios can be salted, roasted, flavored with lime, spiced or even eaten raw.

  • Although raw nuts can be stored in the refrigerator for one to two years, it is best to eat roasted nuts within a few weeks as heat and humidity increase the chances of the fungus growing and can cause the nuts to rot.
  • Nuts are a good breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms, especially fungi. Therefore, we should eat nuts as fresh as possible. The fresher the nuts, the less contaminated they are with fungi, especially the aflatoxin-producing fungus, which is highly pathogenic and can cause malignancies.

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