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khaleeji Women's Clothing

Iran is a vast land and its ethnic diversity is very high, Therefore, there are different clothes for each ethnic group, But one of these clothes that is very famous is the women’s clothes of Hormozgan province, Which is very similar to Arabian-Khaleeji women’s clothing

Jelbil Khosi

Jelbil or Jelbil Khosi is a special type of scarf that is one of the main women’s tunics in this region. Jelbil is one of the most important and widely used scarves among women in southern Iran, the type of sewing and decorations are different in different regions. But what distinguishes Jelbil from other scarves is its beautiful and fashionable appearance, which has caused it to find many fans outside of Iran, and also due to the fact that lace fabric is used in sewing it, it does not completely cover the hair, and because of this It is different from other women’s scarves worn by other Muslims. Also, It can be used as a also be used as a neck scarf.

Jelbil Khosi is one of the exquisite and beautiful scarves of which was sewn by Khos “A type of handmade yarn that is used in decorating and sewing clothes in southern Iran” from gold and silver, mainly on black Thin lace fabric, but sometimes on green and white fabric.

Batoola Bedouine Burqa Niqab

Burqa is a Niqab worn by Arab and southern Iranian women. This Niqab is common in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Hormozgan province “Iran”. This mask which is common on the shores of the Persian Gulf, called in Arabic as “Borqe” in the local dialect of Hormozgan “Borke”,”Batūle” and the south of the province of Fars (Larestan) “Tabila” and in Sistan and Baluchestan called as “Borke”. Actually, Burqa is a traditional form of modesty for women.  Handcrafted of delicate fabric and worn over the face, this accessory is traditionally worn by married women to distinguish married from unmarried women, but today, due to the special beauty of this handmade niqab, it is also used by girls and the fashion industry. The most important part of the burqa is fabric on which the decorations are used to beautify it.

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