Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs Carpets

Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs

Different Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs – Carpets Based on Style and material There are many types of Iranian hand-woven carpets. Variety in production method, size, material, quality, elegance, subtlety, and variety of design, color, and appearance and structural differences have all caused Iranian hand-woven carpets to have special products,…

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Guide of Buying Persian Rug

Persian Rugs Carpets and rugs play a key role in the beauty of the house, Therefore, choosing the right carpet is not limited to its color and design, and there are secrets about the type of carpet that you should know. Iranian carpets are famous all over the world, but…

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Persian Felt Carpet

Persian Felt Carpet Namad or felt is a traditional weaving of underlayment that is produced with wool. In France it is called footer. To prepare the felt, weaving is not done, but by creating pressure, moisture and heat, they cause the wool fibers to disintegrate. The dual properties of curling…

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Persian Carpet, Rug & Kilim

Persian Carpets, Straight from Persian Weavers Iranian handmade carpets have been famous all over the world for a long time. In legends and stories, wherever there is talk of wealth an Iranian carpet shines in it. From the past to the present, in all Iranian houses, even the most humble…

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