Sohan ~ Persian Brittle Toffee

Sohan is one of the most delicious and oldest Iranian brittle toffees, which is sweet, crunchy, nutty, and rich in flavor. This toffee is prepared with many different recipes and comes in different shapes and flavors. It is still traditionally made by hand as before and the entire culinary process takes several hours. The result is a fantastic Toffee infused with saffron/cardamom and covered with whole Pistachios and almond slivers on top. This delicious Persian Brittle Toffee is perfect with tea or coffee. Sohan is produced and offered in different shapes and types that all types are available in ShopiPersia. Make your parties more glorious with Persian Sohan Brittle Toffee. If you have a coffee shop, be sure to put this Persian toffee on your menu. Your customers will be amazed. Persian Sohan is sweet from a dreamy land. Order now, We Ship Worldwide.

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