Second Hand Persian Carpets & Rugs Melbourne

Buy the most beautiful and valuable Second Hand – Old Persian Persian Carpets & Rugs in Melbourne at ShopiPersia. Our Old Persian rugs or Iranian Rugs are unique. Each Persian rug is hand-knotted by skilled craftspeople, so no two are the same. One of the reasons why Old Persian Rugs are more and more valuable than new ones is their artistic value. In fact, when you buy old Persian rugs, you are looking for a beautiful painting or a valuable old sculpture. In fact, these Old handmade carpets each have patterns and scenes that represent Iranian culture and civilization from the distant past. Do not waste your time by spending in different stores. We at ShopiPersia have collected the most beautiful Second Hand – Old Persian Carpets & Rugs and offer express shipping to Melbourne. We ship original Persian Rugs directly from Iran to you.

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