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Reza Amirkhani is a contemporary Iranian novelist. He started writing at high school with “Ermia” novel.

  • Man-e-oo Novel by Reza AmirKhani


    The story is about the life of a person named Ali Fattah and his pure love with the maid of his family named Mahtab, who refuses to marry because of Ali’s belief in pure love until he is sure of his true love, and during the story he receives dervish guidance Mustafa Nam gets help from an unknown dynasty that also plays an important role in the story.

  • Qeydar Novel by Reza AmirKhani

    Qeydar Novel by Reza AmirKhani

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    Qeydar is the name of a novel by Reza Amirkhani. This novel is narrated in old Tehran and is the story of ideology and greed.

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