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Mezrab Pick for Persian Setar

Buy High Quality Mezrab or Pick for Persian Setar at ShopiPersia. Mezrab or Pick is a tool used to produce sound from stringed instruments. Mezrab is played with the index finger of the right hand.  Choosing the right Mezrab is essential because the Mezrab or Pick plays an important role in creating the sound. Mezrab with a very suitable construction is recommended for musicians who can not use their natural nails to play the Setar, because the sound produced by this Mezrab is close to the sound of playing with natural nails. In ShopiPersia, we have collected all kinds of Mezrab or Pick for Persian Setar. Different types of Mezrab with materials of brass metal or natural bone. You can always see various models through our Music Store and buy with confidence. We believe you will find the right Mezrab you would like to play in our store.

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