Persian Suzani Rugs

Persian Suzani Rugs are really unique. Suzani Rugs or Verni Rugs, is a type of rug, which is woven without referring to the map. Handmade Persian Suzani Rugs can create a calm atmosphere in your home. This Kind of Rug or Kilim, Mostly Woven in Sirjan. Verni Rugs, is one kind of Kilim that is woven in Sirjan. Suzani Kilim also known as Shiraki Pich Kilim which refers to its weaving method. Fleece is used in the weaving of Suzani kilims and is so thick that it is also known as iron kilim. At ShopiPersia we have a collection of the most beautiful Shiraki Pich Kilim. We Ship directly from Iran to all over the world. Buy Suzani Rugs with confidence.

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