Pateh Tablecloth

Pateh is a kind of Persian Suzani or Needlework art. Persian Pateh Tablecloth also known as Needlework Tablecloth. Iran is home to many amazing Handcrafts but the Pateh deserves a special mention. Pateh is a collection of special types of needlework that was first created from the minds and creativity of Baloch women. Persian embroidery or needlework has a seal of authenticity from UNESCO and is also registered in the list of spiritual heritage of Iran. The Art of Needlework or embroidery mostly performed in Baluchistan (Baluchis) and some other regions of Iran. Persian Needlework in Baluchistan differs in design, color and type of sewing. Pateh Tablecloths are very beautiful and will give your home and table a different look. In ShopiPersia, we have a unique collection of the most beautiful Pateh Tablecloths for Sale. Buy a Persian Pateh Tablecloth with confidence. We Ship Worldwide.

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