Persian Minakari Vase

Persian Minakari Vases are the pinnacle of Iranian art. Iranian artists by decorating copper vases, create Persian Minakari Vases that are very beautiful. If you want to give an Persian Minakari vase as a gift to your loved ones or use an Persian Minakari vase to decorate your home, ShopiPersia online store is the largest handicraft store in Iran. Minakari or Enameling is one of the most glorious Iranian handicrafts. It is the art of painting and designing the surface of metals such as gold, silver, and copper by glazing colors and fire in the furnace (Sometimes, it is done upon the glass or ceramics too). According to the orientalist scholar Arthur Pope, Minakari dates back to 1500 B.C. Its practice on metal appeared during 600-400 B.C. Minakari vases are one of the beauties of this art.

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