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Persian (Iranian) Dizi Pot

Buy Traditional Iranian Dizi Pots at ShopiPersia. We have different kinds of Dizi Pots, such as Stony Persian Dizi Pots, Ceramic Dizi Pots, Copper Dizi Pots, etc. Dizi or Abgoosht Pottery Pot is a dish in which Dizi – Abgoosht is cooked and eaten. Persian Dizi Pottery or Stony Pot is the best option for cooking and stuffing on your weekend. These containers are made in such a way that they prevent any dangerous substance from entering the food. This helps the food retain its nutritional value and does not change during cooking. Iranian Dizi Pots are produced from different materials and among the types of pottery, stone, spirit and Teflon models, stone Pots are more popular and famous than the others. Stone and Pottery models are more traditional than other models and are commonly used in cafeterias. Iranian Dizi is a traditional food and its dish should be traditional.

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