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Painted Ostrich Egg Shell

Painted Ostrich Egg Shells are one of the most popular handicrafts in Iran, which has many fans. Ostrich eggs are very thick and do not break easily. Painting and decorating ostrich eggs is very popular and is an interesting art. Painting, engraving and decorating ostrich eggs have long been very popular. Of course, the roots of this art go back to the continent of Africa and the Far East. The use of Hand Painted and engraved ostrich egg Shell for decoration has become very popular all over the world. In ShopiPersia, we have collected Hand Painted ostrich eggs in the style of Iranian art. All these Decorative ostrich eggs have been designed by Iranian artists. Persian Style Decorative ostrich eggs are really beautiful and unique. Hand Painted Ostrich egg Shell can also be a beautiful gift for your friends. We ship worldwide.
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