Lavashak ~ Persian Fruit Leather Denmark

Lavashak ~ Fruit Leather for Sale in Denmark at ShopiPersia. Lavashak or Persian Fruit Leather is a traditional snack that is produced from concentrated juice of fruits. It has salty & sour flavors with a lot of fans in the world. Most people in the world Prefer Iranian Lavashak because of its unique & great taste. The most popular Iranian Lavashak are Pomegranate, Apricot or Cornelian cherry. These fruits have sour tastes that make them suitable for making lavashak. Sour Lavashak has many fans to eat with a variety of wines as a snack. Lavashak’s calorie can vary depending on the fruit type and the ingredients. Serve your friends with some Iranian Lavashak and pistachios. ShopiPersia is the largest Iranian Grocery website. We have collected different types of Lavashak “Persian Fruit Leather” for Sale with Free shipping offer to Denmark. Homemade, hand-made or factory-made Lavashak in different tastes.

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