Kabab Koobideh Skewers

Persian Kabab Koobideh Skewers are used for cooking Kabab koobideh. Kabab koobideh or Kobida is an Iranian meat kabab made from ground lamb or beef, often mixed with ground pepper and chopped onions. Koobideh comes from the Persian word (koobidan) meaning slamming which refers to the style in which the meat is prepared. Traditionally, the meat was placed on a flat stone and smashed with a wooden mallet. It is cooked on special Skewers that known as Persian Kabab Koobideh Skewers. It is similar to the Turkish Adana kebab. In ShopiPersia, you can buy a collection of the best Persian kebab skewers. We ship worldwide, but shipping to Europe, the UK and many other countries is free.

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