Iranian Daf for Sale

Daf instrument is a large frame drum from the Middle East. It is commonly used in ArmeniaIranTurkeyAzerbaijan and also in Greece. It can spell as Daf, Daff, Deff, Duff. The frame is made of wood and covered with a lot of metal rings attached around it. The membrane of a daf is mostly made of animal skin, like a goat, horse, and cow but in modern versions, synthetic materials are also in use.

The frame is made of a strong wood. The diameter of it is about 48 – 55 cm wide. The skin of the daf instrument is strongly glued to cover the frame. In order to keep skin tight, metal pins are nailed behind the frame. There are no jingles in the Daf instrument. In the inner part of the wooden frame, there are hooks that help the rings hanging. These rings work like jingles when the instrument moves.

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