Hazin by Faramarz Payvar

Master Farâmarz Pâyvar was an Iranian composer and santur player. Payvar died on 9 December 2009 after a long struggle with brain damage. Although once perceived as marginal, the santur is now considered an important solo instrument in Persian classical music, largely as a result of his work.

  • Zard e Malije Music Album by Faramarz Payvar

    Zard-e Malije Music Album by Faramarz Payvar

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    Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album is Sung by Faramarz Payvar. the songs of this Album are:

    • Zard-e Malije by Faramarz Payvar
    • Daramad Dovom by Faramarz Payvar
    • Oshagh by Faramarz Payvar
    • Hazin by Faramarz Payvar
    • Rahavi by Faramarz Payvar

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