Gaz Iranian Sweet

Gaz is one of the Iranian Sweet and known as Blended Persian Nougat or Harina Masghati. Iranian Gaz is one of the most popular sweets in Iran which is made as desserts. Gaz Blended with different kinds of Persian Nuts such as Pistachios. Gaz, as a sweet that does not use any chemical additives such as dyes, essential oils and preservatives, is free from all the harms that such substances have for the consumer. You will definitely not forget to enjoy a piece of Iranian Gaz Sweet with tea or coffee. A combination of Persian sweets and nuts. Various brands in Iran produce Gaz sweets. We have collected the best and highest quality Gaz sweets in ShopiPersia. If you have a coffee shop, be sure to consider Gaz sweets. Your customers will definitely fall in love with you with this sweet. We ship worldwide.

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