Gabbeh Rug Runners

Gabbeh Rug Runners are one of the most attractive types of runners with a soft and delicate texture, which using them at home creates more attractiveness in the decoration. These types of runners prevent foot fatigue due to their soft texture, and they are widely used in kitchens and corridors. Corridors are the best places to use runners. Also, the bedrooms because walking on them does not make any noise. There are different types of runners. Handwoven and machine runners, each with different textures. Persian Style Gabbeh Runners are one of the most popular runners due to their special texture. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Persian Style Gabbeh Rug Runners, which are handwoven in Iran, for luxury lovers. A very attractive and luxurious collection that gives your home a stunning beauty and originality. Check out our collection carefully and make a great choice. We ship worldwide.

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