Farvahar Symbol

Farvahar (Forouhar or Zoroastrianism) is a winged body Symbol. This Symbol has been introduced as the symbol of Ahura Mazda in the view of some archaeologists and Iranologists. The symbol of the winged sun has a long history in the culture of the Middle East and the symbol of Faravahar or Forouharis is an adaptation of it. The symbol of Farvahar is the symbol of the kingdom of Iran. A handful of scientific writings consider this symbol to be Ahura Mazda, which seems to be wrong. Because Ahura Mazda is neither male nor female. In fact, God is not an earthly being who has sex. He has also raised his hand of prayer to God. There is no evidence that the image of the Prophet Zoroaster is. Since the prophet Zarathustra wore a cloth and did not wear a royal crown. Buy Faravahar (Forouhar) Symbol directly from Iran at ShopiPersia. We Ship Worldwide.

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