Esfand Burners

Esfand Burners are among the most beautiful and best Iranian examples of aromatic substance burners, especially Esfand. Among them, the Manghals are among the most expensive and valuable examples, which are like a container the charcoal is placed inside it and Esfand poured on it to burn. The use of them has been popular among Iranian societies for a long time. They are made in different shapes and designs and sometimes different materials and each of them had its spiritual value. In today’s world, the use of Esfand and Manghal to burn it is still common. A wedding ceremony is not complete without burning Esfand. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of different types of Esfand Burners. An attractive and diverse collection that can be prepared for any ceremony. Check out our collection carefully and make a great choice. You can easily check electric and charcoal types. We ship worldwide.

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