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Engraved Copper Wall Hanging Frames

The Most Unique, Hammered & Engraved Copper Wall Hanging Frames for Sale at ShopiPersia. Copper Wall Hanging with Iranian designs and patterns are really unique and beautiful. The combination of copper with home decoration creates a special beauty and warmth to the interior of your house. Hanging a copper Wall Hanging Frame on the wall can be a good idea. Iranian Copper Wall Hanging made by hand and mixed with the art of Iran. Artists in Isfahan and other cities in Iran with making beautiful Copper Wall Hanging show the original Iranian art. Copper Wall Hanging is one of the most beautiful products that you can find. We have collected the most beautiful Engraved Copper Wall Hanging Frames for Sale. Having an Iranian Copper Copper Wall Hanging in your home can dazzle the eyes of your guests. All our products are made of pure and hammered copper.

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