Duo for Kamancheh and Tar: Hamdeli by Salar Aghili

Salar Aghili, known by his full name Mir Salar Moslemi Aghili, is a classical and Persian traditional singer. His spouse, Harir Shariat–Zadeh is a Persian musician who plays piano and daf. His main teacher was Sedigh Ta’rif. Salar Aghili is the singer of Iran’s National Orchestra. He has also worked with a number of Persian classical music ensembles such as Dastan Ensemble. He started his career at the age of 8 by playing the piano. Salar is regarded as one of Iran’s greatest singers. His song, Faces, which was composed by Armand Amar, was used in the 2015 movie, Human.

  • Yare Mast Music Album by Salar Aghili

    Yare Mast Music Album by Salar Aghili

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    Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album Sung by Salar Aghili. In this Music Album we can listen to below songs:

    • Tasnif:Rastakhiz
    • Santoor Solo:Delnavaz
    • Tasnif:Yar-e Mast
    • Saz o Avaz:Atash-e Eshgh
    • Tasnif:Jan o Jahan
    • Duo for Kamancheh and Tar:Hamdeli
    • Tasnif:Karavan-e Mast

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