Del Shekan (Tasnif) by Mehdi Falah

Mehdi Fallah (born 1335 in Babylon) is an Iranian calligrapher, singer and musician. “Mahdi Fallah” was born on October 10, 1965 in Babylon. He is an artist who works professionally in both calligraphy and Iranian music. Among his masters in music, song and poetry, we can mention “Mohammad Reza Shajarian”, “Hossein Omoumi” and Fereydoun Moshiri.

  • Gavan Music Album by Jalal Zolfonun

    Gavan Music Album by Jalal Zolfonun & Mehdi Fallah

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    Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album is Sung by Jalal Zolfanoun & Mehdi Fallah. The songs of this Album are:

    • Gavan (Tasnif) by Mehdi Falah
    • Ney & Avaz by Mehdi Falah
    • Saz & Avaz (Tar) by Mehdi Falah
    • Del Shekan (Tasnif) by Mehdi Falah
    • Setar (Instrumental) by Mehdi Falah

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