Dashti by Iman Vaziri

“Iman Vaziri” was born in 1349. He is known as the composer and student of “Alireza Mashayekhi”. He is a music graduate of the “Faculty of Fine Arts”. Vaziri first learned the strings from Fereydoun Hafezi and then went to the class of “Assadollah Hejazi”, a student of “Ali Akbar Khan Shahnazi”, and learned the Radif of Iranian music from him.

  • Tar Solo Music Album by Iman Vaziri

    Tar Solo Music Album by Iman Vaziri

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    Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album played by Iman Vaziri. In this Music Album we can listen to below songs:

    • Shur by Iman Vaziri
    • Dashti by Iman Vaziri
    • Homayun by Iman Vaziri
    • Segah by Iman Vaziri
    • Chahargah by Iman Vaziri
    • Mahur by Iman Vaziri

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