Damkoni for Sale

Pot Lid Cover is called damkoni in Iran. To brew rice in the Iranian style, it is necessary to use a steam catcher as the Pot lid Cover. It helps the aroma of rice and its heat not come out of the pot and the rice is cooking slowly. There are different types of steam-catcher, and one of the best types is the Iranian style. They sewed around the pot with a drawstring. The use of a stretcher steam-catcher makes the steam-catcher completely cover the lid of the pot and the food brew better. It is one of the essential accessories in Iranian kitchens. If you wish to brew fragrant and flavorful rice like Iranian rice, be sure to use a Damkoni. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of the most beautiful and high-quality Damkoni. An attractive collection in various colors and designs. We ship worldwide.

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