Copper Serving Plates

Copper serving Plates are one of the most attractive serving dishes that can be adapted to any decoration. Serving food or dessert on a copper plate and placing it on the table will complement the decoration. Our Hammered Persian Copper plates give a beautiful aspect to your home table. If you’re dotty for terrific tableware this Copper plate is sure to hit the spot. Lovely plates hammered especially to make your breakfast, dinner or dessert a really memorable experience! Copper Serving plates are one of the beautiful and traditional Tableware items that can create a stylish and attractive design. Arranging copper utensils in the buffet or table will make your home brighter. Arranging plates on the table can have a great impact on the beauty of the house. The beauty of copper combines with modern and traditional designs to preserve traditional enthusiasts and attract enthusiasts of today. We Ship Worldwide.

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