Chaharmezrab–e Showq by Ehsan Zabihifar

Ehsan Zabihifar was born in 1979 in Tehran and started playing the piano at the age of ten. Shortly afterwards, he entered music conservatory and chose the Kamancheh as a specialized instrument, pursuing a special education in music

  • Abru Kaman Music Album by Mohammad Motamedi

    Abru Kaman Music Album by Mohammad Motamedi

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    Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album is Sung by Mohammad Motamedi & Ehsan Zabihifar. The songs of this album are:

    • Pishdaramad–e Entezar by Ehsan Zabihifar
    • Daramad  Saz & Avaz by Ehsan Zabihifar & Pashang Kamkar
    • Tasnif: Kereshme by Ehsan Zabihifar & Mohmad Motamedi
    • Zabol & Muye Saz & Avaz by Ehsan Zabihifar & Mohammad Motamedi
    • Chaharmezrab–e Showq by Ehsan Zabihifar
    • Mokhalef Saz & Avaz by Ehsan Zabihifar & Mohammad Motamedi & Pashang Kamkar
    • Tasnif: Abru Kaman by Mohammad Motamedi & Ehsan Zabihifar

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